No code needed for your backend.

Our new Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) will help you launch your app faster.
We probably are going to take off your shoulders more than 50% of your whole project's code.
Even more, we are going to take off any concern about your hosting infrastructure.

So sit back, relax and use the features below to tailor your account to fit your application requiremnts.
and leave the rest to us.

Auth Settings

Decide whether you want people to sign up to your app or make it private.

You can force users to verify their email addresses if you decide to let them sign up. This way you can make sure that only real users can access your app.

To protect your app even more, set a reCaptcha account, add your reCaptcha credentials, and then Xpace is going to check users' for you.

Database & Storage

Build your database structure with no restrictions. It's an object based database so it's going to accept your structure no matter what type of structure you use.

Storage will be handled like your personal computer's file structure.
Add as many folders and subfolders as you need. We encourage you to make it simpler though.

Read & Write Authorization

Protect your data and storage from being accessed by anyone. Set authorized groups and restrict read & write to only those people inside those groups.

Set authorization to be at user level so no one but the user himself can change or delete his input. Make exceptions for a specific group to monitor users' data in case their inputs were not up to your app's rules.

Making it simpler with the open option for anyone to read or write anything is also an option but we only recommend it during testing your app.

Upload Cotrol

Xpace is going to resize uploaded images for you based on the sizes you predefine to fit your app's needs.
This is an optional feature and you can set it off when you send your upload request.

You may also restrict the type of files you allow to be uploaded.
All file types are accepted by default. So we encourage you to set only the type of files that your app needs.

Want more features?

Something like Function as a service (FaaS) and more?
Stay tuned!